David specialises in the education, prevention, hands on treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to recreational, national, international, world class and Olympic athletes encompassing a diverse range of sports including track and field, GAA games, rugby, soccer, tennis, triathlon, cycling and canoeing.


Collaborating his unique experience as a patient, an athlete, a physical therapist, and a physiotherapist David offers an alternative to the standard physiotherapy treatment model. He is passionate about hands on treatment and finding and addressing the underlying cause of your injury. He is solutions focused and believes there is always hope and there is always a way.


David Campbell from Kildare, Ireland who, over the past 13 years has grown a reputation for treating some of the world’s best athletes.




He has treated 28 Olympic medalists, world champions, world record holders and over 100 Olympians from 25 nationalities including USA, GB, Australia, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, New Zealand, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Germany.



At the age of 16 David suffered a career threatening knee injury and was told by leading specialists that his sporting days had come to an end. He was a keen all-rounder participating at a high level in soccer, gaelic football and athletics. David was left devastated until a moment of chance led him on a journey of self discovery and his hopes of being a sports person were reignited. In 1998 his grandmother gave him a newspaper cut-out from the Irish Independent about a man affectionately known as ‘Daktari’ or ‘doctor’ in Kenya. His name was Gerard Hartmann a therapist from Limerick Ireland with a reputation for healing the worlds greatest sports people. David waited months for an appointment with Gerard, however what he experienced changed his outlook on therapy forever. Gerard’s holistic treatment style was unlike any other and within a few visits his sporting career resurrected. The following year David focused solely on athletics and represented Ireland at 800meters at the European Athletics Junior Championships in Italy.


 He was so enamoured with holistic therapy he consequently commenced his physical therapy studies in 2000. After a number of years studying and working in physical therapy David found that he himself had the ability to compete as an international athlete. In 2006, David qualified for the European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg, went on to represent Ireland at the World Championships 2007 in Osaka, and competed on the international circuit until 2010. He ran 1.45:59 for 800 meters and is a member of the elite sub four-minute mile club. David won multiple national titles including the 800m/1500m double in 2007, a feat that had not been replicated since one of his heroes in 1981, Eamonn Coghlan.


Having had a successful athetics career, David chose to refocus his attentions back to his initial passion of treating and facilitating athletes striving to reach their full potential and he returned to UCD to qualify as a chartered physiotherapist.  In an extraordinary turn of events David returned to Limerick in 2014 to work with his long time mentor Gerard Hartmann.


Collaborating his unique experience as a patient, an athlete, a physical therapist, a physiotherapist and working with one of the leading international sports injury therapists Gerard Hartmann David offers an alternative to the standard physiotherapy treatment model. He is passionate about finding solutions in a results driven business and believes there is always hope, and there is always a way.


David evolved from being an athlete with Melbourne Track Club (2006-2010) into being their physiotherapist between 2011 and 2014. He looked after top athletes from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Sweden, Netherlands and the USA at key training camps across the globe incuding at Falls Creek Australia, Teddington London UK, Mt Laguna USA, and Madrid Spain.


In 2013  David added the role as lead physiotherapist to marquee Great Run Events including Great North Run and City Games Newcastle, Great Manchester Run and City Games, Great Edinburgh Cross Country, Great Ireland Run, Great Birmingham Run and Great South Run Portsmouth, working with Olympic and World Champions, along with elite athletes and Paralympians from over 20 countries.



David is a proud ambassador for New Balance athletic footwear since 2014.



Adrian Blincoe - New Zealand

"Dave Campbell has a special talent at treating, managing, and rehabilitating injuries. Dave has worked with me since 2006 and it was clear from the outset that he understood the body and had the knowledge and the hands to help people. With a background of having been an elite middle distance runner, Dave is especially adept at knowing the movement and loading patterns attributable to the onset of injury. Aside from the technical knowledge, and its application, Dave is a wildly positive - a trait that cannot be overlooked in successful treatment."

Mile 3.54.40
5000m NR 13.10.19
Olympic Games 2008
Zoe Buckman - Australia

'I have had the pleasure of being treated by Dave Campbell since 2012 whether it has been just general body maintenance, or managing and rehabilitating an injury. It is evident that Dave not only enjoys and believes in his methods and skills of work, however he is extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the body in the field of athletics due to his elite athlete background. This year Dave has worked with me to get back to full strength after breaking my ankle in 2013 and has been a huge factor in allowing my ankle to regain strength, power and stability. In all, Dave is a genuine, honest, respectful and very committed worker that will always strive to succeed with every client, whatever the goal may be.'

Achievements: 2013 World Championships 1500m, 7th
2014 World Relay 4x1500m Bronze 1000m NR 2.37.84
1500m 4.04.09
Olympic Games 2012
Ryan Gregson - Australia

"I was down and out with a calf tear 3 weeks before the Olympic Trials this year when I saw David Campbell (2012). He was able to turn a 4 week injury into only having 8 days off. I made it to the start line and won the trial qualifying for the Olympics beating the Olympic gold and silver medallists in the process.”

1500m NR 3.31.06
Mile 3.52.24
Olympic Games 2012
Robert Heffernan - Ireland

“David Campbell was not only a top athlete, he is also a top physio and person.  He was my personal physio in Morrocco during my pre Moscow 2013 altitude training camp. His knowledge, professionalism along with his extremely strong work ethic is second to none. I hope people appreciate the expertise and motivation that David has to offer.”

Achievements: 2013 World Champion, 50k Walk
2010 European Championship Bronze, 20k Walk
Olympic Games 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012
Paul Robinson - Ireland

“I've been working closely with David over the last four years, In that time David has kept me in one piece and injury free, allowing me to train hard consistently. Apart from having dodgy tatts and being a great guy he's one of the best in the business.”

2014 European Championships 1500m-4th
800m 1.45.86
1500m 3.35.22
Mile 3.54.77
Genevieve LaCaze - Australia

"There is no physiotherapist that I trust more with my performance needs than David Campbell. He helped me recover quickly from an injury in time for the Olympic trials, and remain injury-free going into the London Olympic Games."

Commonwealth Games 2014, 3000m steeplechase-5th
3000m Steeplechase 9.33.19
Olympic Games 2012
Andy Vernon - Great Britain

“David has been treating me on training camps and through the summer for the past 2 years. His in-depth knowledge of the way the body works and the response to different types of treatment is first class. The only problem with David is that I can't see him enough.”

Achievements: 2014 European Championships, Bronze-5000m, Silver-10,000m
2013 European Cross Country Championships Bronze
5000m 13.11.50
10,000m 27.53.65
Peter Riley, Elite Race Manager, Nova International

"Dave has become an integral member of our elite team at Nova. Not only does he provide excellent medical support his calm and friendly manner forms a rapport with athletes that is a necessity when earning their trust"

Susan Kuijken - Netherlands

“David first started treating me in the lead-up to the World Championships in 2013 and has played an essential role ever since in keeping my body healthy throughout training camps and the European athletics season. David seems much more experienced than you would expect at his age, something I came to understand when he performed techniques on me he had learned from some of the best physiotherapists around the world. His eagerness to learn in combination with his professional athletics background definitely make him stand out as a physiotherapist. Besides the physical aspect, for me he plays an important role in keeping my mind in check, boosting my confidence ahead of competitions and keeping me positive and motivated to work hard when coming back from injury. David’s treatment is thorough, which means he finds my weaknesses to work on when I’m healthy and always keeps working until he gets to the root of my problem when I’m injured. The most important aspect of his treatment is that it gives me piece of mind because I know I’m always in good hands.”

Achievements: 2014 European Championships Bronze 5000m
1500m 4.05.38
2000m NR 5.38.37
5000m 15.04
Brett Robinson - Australia

“Dave Is the most thorough therapist I have ever seen, I always feel like he is doing everything he can to help me and get me back running. His treatment at the start of this year ended a 4 month struggle with injury and now I'm back training without a problem.” (2014)

Achievements: 2013 World Championship finalist 5000m
5000m 13.18.96


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